Saturday, 13 April 2013

And another thing...

Just as I'm itching to get on with making more quilts, another distraction comes along that, while interesting and exciting, promises to consume a lot of my time. (Somewhere out there, someone is living my dream life that doesn't involve having to go to the supermarket, worry about moths in the cupboard or fret about getting into the garden before it all explodes in an orgy of growth.)

This time it's finishing my entry for the Prism exhibition at the Mall Gallery in London in May.

The theme is "Liminal". And no, I didn't either. But according to the Oxford English Dictionary it means "of or relating to a transitional stage; occupying a position on, or on both sides of, a boundary or threshold." Which, when you think about it, I hope you agree is pretty intriguing. Consider the tideline where land and sea, oceans and continents meet; or the trembling moments when the sun sinks behind a bank of clouds.

And then I came across the term "hypnopompic". The Oxford dictionary doesn't even include it, but Collins defines it as "relating to the state existing between sleep and full waking, characterised by the persistence of dreamlike imagery". Which is where I've pitched my tent. I believe it is not done to reveal one's work ahead of an exhibition, but here's a sneak preview, above.

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  1. Gosh! You hadn't told me that you wanted a photo of Her Royal Highness Ffion!!! But she would approve that you have made her such a star
    Looking WONDERFUL!! :D