Sunday, 2 June 2013

Time to lie down in a darkened room


The Prism show is over for another year. My knees ache after hours standing up stewarding and my head aches after too many glasses of wine consumed when overcome by tiredness and brain-buzz.  But I'm sure that's as nothing to the exhaustion the organisers must be feeling. It was generally agreed by members and visitors that this was a vintage year, and I was delighted by how my piece was "hung" - infinitely better than my try-outs at home. (Does one hang a bed, or does that term only refer to pictures on the wall? But what other word to use? "Placed" is too banal, and "curated" doesn't have quite the same meaning. "Presented" perhaps? But you get my drift.)

My Wake Up Sleepyhead was the centrepiece in the small back gallery - often a bit of a mish-mash of works that don't fit elsewhere - the bed and pillowcases spot-lit against a window with half-closed blinds and with the main lights dimmed. On the walls were other works that interpreted the theme of Liminal: Crossing the Threshold  in studies of dusk and dawn, dreaming and awakening. Birds cheeped in a delightful soundscape accompanying Pauleen Cattle's Dusk I and II, left, and ethereal fibre-optic filaments changed colours in Kate Findlay's Threshold of Consciousness, below.
Adding to the shadowy starscape was Jennifer Hollingdale's  Moon Changes, below left, and Sun Changes.

Disclaimer: I chose the book to go by the side of the bed purely on its cover. The title, Dreaming, was clear and concise and the bands of blue went perfectly with the pillowcases. But I wish it to be known that I do not usually choose my reading matter in this way. In fact it is a fascinating book, exploring the brain chemistry of sleep rather than getting hung up on skyscrapers and tunnels. And last night I achieved my first "lucid dream", where the sleeping mind recognises that it is dreaming and is able to control the action. I went flying up to the ceiling by sheer willpower. Very exciting. Bugger Freud. (But perhaps that's exactly what he'd like us to say.) 
And now back to quilts...

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