Thursday, 21 May 2015

Going up! Prism textiles show opens in Hoxton

The finishing touches to this year's exciting Prism show

Everyone needs a bit of a shakeup occasionally, and the annual Prism textiles exhibition, now in its 16th year, has moved from the stately but perhaps rather too polite Mall Gallery to shake its tail feathers at a new venue in Hoxton.

Bearded hipsters and passing bright young things joined embroiderers and stitchers at a private view with an added buzz of excitement that spilled over into the graffiti-covered courtyard and pop-up bar. While the Hoxton Arches gallery may be smaller than the Mall Gallery, the necessarily more careful curating has resulted in a strong exhibition with a more than usually cohesive focus on the theme, Lines of Communication.

Here's hoping the new venue will introduce a new audience to the possibilities of textiles as an art form that can more than stand its ground alongside the on-trend art in on-trend East London.

Don't miss out - the new venue has also made possible a longer stay, and the show is open now until May 31. See the details above or find them at the Prism website.

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