Monday, 4 February 2013

Now I've got a website I suppose I'm an artist...

Where to begin? A flourish of trumpets; a philosophical musing; a quote from the poets; or simply a picture of some of my work with the comment "Here I am"?

The first posting on this blog coincides with the imminent launch of my new website,  and on one level the title "valeriehugginsquilts" says everything: this is my name and I make quilts. But it is the in-between bits - why I make quilts, what sort of quilts, what my inspirations are - that I hope to explore in this blog.

So here are a few basics: I just don't do the "vintage" or "heritage" quilt bit. I love old quilts, I have several in my own home, and I treasure the skill of quiltmakers and the glorious fabrics of the past. But I also look at the contemporary interior design and craft worlds and know that these are traditions that can, and must, move forwards.

Colour. Pattern. These are two of the passions that get me out of bed in the morning.  And I love fabrics - Hawaiian shirts, saris, South American stripes. Anything that's colourful and tactile. Put me in a fabric store and I'm like a kid in a sweetie shop. Which is perhaps an appropriate simile, as my studio in historic Cable Street, Limehouse, East London, is in a former sweets factory. (I reckon this is why I've put on weight since moving in; all those airborne calories.)

Here's one of the "sweeter" quilts I've made while in the studio:

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  1. So pleased to see your Fanfare!! Gorgeous piccies :D